Terms & Conditions

The Client : The company or individual requesting the services of CV2Accomplish.

CV2Accomplish: Primary designer/site owner & employees or affiliates.


  1. CV2Accomplish will carry out work only where an agreement is provided by mail or email after 100% payment has been made into the account mentioned on its website.

  2. The Client is entitled to receive an electronic copy of the invoice after  the payment is made in full by the Client which would include the scope of the work being rendered by CV2Accomplish and the payment receipt for the work ordered. Any deviation or discrepancy in the scope document if required by the Client, must be brought to the notification of CV2Accomplish at this stage itself in writing before the CV Design work begins; else the agreement shall be “deemed” as final.

  3. The Client is entitled to receive an electronic copy of the Resume/CV/ (in Microsoft Word format) from CV2Accomplish.com. The service does not include any Additionals/Add-On services, unless specifically subscribed for

  4.  The Client guarantees and certifies that the information provided to CV2Accomplish in the Client’s Questionnaire/Previously drafted CV forwarded by the Client is true and correct. CV2Accomplish cannot take responsibility for any wrong information/facts communicated/submitted by the client

  5.  We at CV2Accomplish.com reserve the right to reject working on any Resume/CV at any stage of the process, if it is noticed that the terms and conditions have not been complied with.

  6.  We at CV2Accomplish.com do not offer the client any job guarantee. The service only includes receiving a Resume/CV and/or receiving/executing Add-On services provided by us if included in the agreement.

  7. We at CV2Accomplish.com shall make all efforts to provide the developed Resume/CV within 7 business days (2 business days in case of Express Resume service). However, CV2Accomplish.com is not responsible for delays caused by reasons beyond our control such as failure in networks/external servers or malfunctions due natural disasters/Act of God.

  8. The time-frame of 7 business days would start from the date on which the prescribed amount/charges/fees are received and realized by CV2Accomplish.com and all the requested details, as per the "client questionnaire", and also any additional details requested for, are received in full and complete.

  9.  In case of queries raised by CV2Accomplish.com, the client must respond to the queries raised (sent by email) within 24 Hrs of such a query being raised failing which, CV2Accomplish.com shall stand absolved of all its obligations, if any.

  10. CV2Accomplish.com reserve the right to reject any insertion or information/data provided by the client or any changes/modifications in the Resumes/CV's/Cover letters, without assigning any reason.

  11. The liability, if any, of CV2Accomplish.com  is limited to the extent of the amount paid by the client.

  12. The service shall be deemed to have been complete once CV2Accomplish.com has sent the download links to the FINAL developed Resume/CV and Additionals (Cover Letter) if subscribed for, to the client's email address, registered with us, or in case of Add-On services, executed the work as described in the Invoice/Agreement page.

  13. Any and all orders placed by the Client directly in person/by mail/email are a firm commitment to avail the CV Services as per the prices listed and described and the Client is obligated to complete the transaction in full and not contest it in any way.

  14. Before placing an order the Client are advised to check the prices listed and CV Type Category carefully. By placing a work order for a CV the Client agrees to be bound by the prices listed in the Quotation provided by CV2Accomplish in response to the Client’s request mail and the scope of services that would be rendered

  15. CV2Accomplish reserves full rights to change of pricing listed on the website at its sole discretion.

Cancellation/ Refund Policy/Guarantee:
  1. In case we receive a cancellation notice from the client and if the Client Questionnaire has not yet been processed by us, we shall cancel the order and refund the amount paid by the client, minus Bank Charges or any other expenses incurred by us.

  2. In case we receive a cancellation notice from the client and the order has been processed/ approved/delivered by us, no refund shall be admissible. All orders are deemed final once they have been processed and/or delivered and therefore will not qualify for refund.
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