Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy, we will revise your CV until you are. Simple as that. Customer service has always been our top priority and we shall render our best services always!

What are your fees?
For full details of our fees, please click here. You can see full details of our pricing with no obligation to actually place an order.

Why isn't your pricing based on the number of pages?
Typing and word processing services charge according to the number of words or pages. Professional CV consultancies don't.

Why are your charges higher than some other services?
We are offering a different Quality of service. This is a genuine consultancy which offers you a one-to-one personal CV writing service which is at least equal to any premium service available elsewhere.

 Why are your charges lower than some other sites?
The level of service we offer is comparable with any other premium service. We keep our overheads low and pass on the benefit of this to our clients. All the money you are paying goes straight into the value of the CV writing service. We do not employ any sub-contractors so there are no ‘middle men’ to pay.

How can I justify the expense?
The current job market is extremely competitive and you owe it to yourself to have the best CV you possibly can. The amount of the investment in a professionally written CV is extremely small when compared to the benefits you can gain from it.

When do I pay?
In common with most other CV consultancies, we do take payment at the time of order.

Why do you take payment in advance?
Principally, once we get a client on board, they tend to become a client for life, coming back to us regularly for updates, further help, etc. And we feel that having to chase clients for payment jeopardizes that relationship. Also, this policy eliminates bad debts and keeps our costs and hence our fees at a minimum. We believe this to be for the overall benefit of our mutual relationship.

Why are the prices different for varying levels of CV?
Our fees vary according to the level you've reached. Obviously, a student's CV is very different to a chief executive's in terms of the amount of work involved.

What happens after I place an order for a CV?
After you place the order our person from the support team would contact you to get a Client Questionnaire filled up/request you for your original CV. According to which profession you're in and the level you've reached, you would be contacted by our professional CV writer specializing in that field. Once they've prepared a draft version, your writer will email or phone you if necessary to clarify any minor points or to build up on any weaker areas. Just to get it absolutely right before we send the draft version out for your approval before the final draft is laid.

Do I need to come in personally?
No need at all! We work primarily over the Internet and by email or telephone, so there's no need for you to visit us in person.

Can I see samples of your work?
Every CV that we produce is tailor made for the individual client. As we observe a policy of strict confidentiality, unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide samples of actual CVs that we have written for our clients.

Do you help with covering letters?
We are pleased to provide a covering letter service as an add-on to our professional cv writing service.

Can I update my CV later?
Yes. We would be pleased to help you with the updated CV for a discounted price as an offer to our come back Clients. Please feel free to get in touch with us for the same.

What if I need my resume now?
We understand that emergencies happen and will always do our best to accommodate your needs in a genuine situation. We work only on business days, however for a 48 hour turnaround including Sundays and public holidays; you will be charged an additional amount for the services rendered.

What are your business days/ working hours?
Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM & Saturday 10:00AM TO 2:00PM.
Sunday is a non working day. We observe Indian Public Holidays.

Can I call or email you to ask further questions?
Of course. You can call CV2Accomplish @ 9820 314 735 (Mumbai Number) & 9900 297 967 (Bangalore Number) during Business days and working hours or you may please mail your queries to

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